Best Travel Booking Sites


At Priceline, customers and travelers are connected to the best deals and offers in the travel industry. Since its start in 2000, the company started by Jay S. Walker has managed to help travelers and tourists find the cheapest hotel rates and airfare within their set budget. The company was the first to introduce the concept of the ‘Name Your Own Price’, a program that allows its customers to set the amount that they are willing to pay for vacation packages, hotel rooms or airfare. Under this program, the customer can choose the destination or the location of the service, the service level of the hotel or vacation package is often displayed only after the sale has been completed. Through the years, Priceline has become an intermediary between the customers and service providers, and the company is not necessarily the direct provider of the service.


From Hotels to Cruises- Priceline Offers You a Chance to Score the Best Rates


At Priceline, all your travel needs and requirements are covered with its comprehensive search and resource page. On its homepage, customers and guests can search for the best packages for hotels, hotels and flight, cars, flights and cruises. Simply provide the information and travel details that are required including the departure date, destination and the number of individuals included and you will be given a list of packages within your set budget.


The website also offers a number of resources and tools that can help in locating the best deals in town. For example, customers can use its Express Deals search for hotel bookings and a hotel bid through its popular Name Your Own Price®. To ensure that customers can easily find their next deals even if they are on-the-move, through the iOS and Android apps. Through the use of the app, customers can discover deals anytime.